Money diaries

Recently, I have discovered (and subsequently become obsessed with) Refinery29’s Money Diaries segments. I have always been interested in money- saving, budgeting, investing and financial goals are all things I think about frequently. I am very much on top of my bank account and check it multiple times a day, I don’t eat out a … More Money diaries

A holiday I never thought I’d take

For many millennials, the terms ‘wanderlust’ has become something of a cliche. You have probably seen it inscribed on mass-produced stationary, listed in somebody’s Instagram bio, utilised by travel companies, or tattooed in dainty writing on the skin of about five girls you went to high school with. What does it really mean though? By … More A holiday I never thought I’d take

Feeling inspired

Hey, hi, hello there. Well, it has well and truly been a while since I wrote anything like this. It’s safe to say I abandoned this (and my other) blog for a few years there. Things are different now though. I’m feeling inspired, and I’m back. Hopefully for good. I’ve always been a writer. It … More Feeling inspired

My First Post

As an aspiring journalist and also a realist, I am fully aware that this is a somewhat dying trade. In order to have my pick of jobs (or any job really)  when I graduate from the University of Queensland, having a high GPA will be of little importance in comparison to my experience and knowledge. … More My First Post