The Gym

I am reposting something here from my old website ( which I used to run as part of an ongoing assessment for a subject at Uni last year. As I am now starting up a new website/blog and need some posts, I am going to re use some of these old posts.

This is so true. I go to the gym a lot, and whenever I’m on the treadmill I notice that I seem to be the only person adjusting the gradient at all. I don’t even put it up super high (unless I’m being intense), but I run with it and gradually increase it and everybody is is just casually jogging along at 0.

AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND. Because it’s a better workout, works your buns+thighs more, and burns like twice the amount of calories. I don’t know why other people haven’t figured that out yet!

Then again, I have to admit that I am also one of the annoying people that she talks about who get weird and can’t help looking at what other people are doing/how many calories they’ve burned/how long they’ve been running. I am just a little too competitive sometimes.

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