Feeling inspired

Hey, hi, hello there.

Well, it has well and truly been a while since I wrote anything like this. It’s safe to say I abandoned this (and my other) blog for a few years there. Things are different now though. I’m feeling inspired, and I’m back. Hopefully for good.

I’ve always been a writer. It started with short stories in primary school, and evolved into a career as a journalist working in newspapers. After a couple of years in news, however, I came to realise that as much as I love writing, interviewing, and meeting people, I wanted to try something different.

So where am I now?

A couple of months ago I began a new job working in communications and social media. I am still writing in some capacities- my role includes writing blog posts and articles for the organisation I work for, and also contributing pieces to a variety of industry magazines. It’s busy, enjoyable, and different than anything I have done before.

It turns out that’s not quite enough though.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a particularly ‘creative’ person, there is certainly a side of me that isn’t completely… fulfilled. Hence the want and need to get back into writing. Whether it evolves into freelance and paid content, or stays as simply a small blog that I do in my spare time, I’m hoping it will help me rediscover my passion, and my identity as a writer.

So buckle in. Hope you enjoy the ride!


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