A holiday I never thought I’d take

For many millennials, the terms ‘wanderlust’ has become something of a cliche. You have probably seen it inscribed on mass-produced stationary, listed in somebody’s Instagram bio, utilised by travel companies, or tattooed in dainty writing on the skin of about five girls you went to high school with.

What does it really mean though?

By definition, ‘wanderlust’ simply means a desire to travel more. 

And with travel more accessible than ever and picturesque photos of stunning destinations flooding our social media feeds every hour of the day, it is hardly surprising that young people today are travelling more than ever before, and that we have all been bitten by the ‘wanderlust’ bug.

If you had asked me a few months ago where I hoped my next trip would take me, there would have been a few potential answers. South East Asia, Eastern Europe, New York (again) and Japan are all high on the list. Something that definitely would not have been a suggestion, however, was a road trip through Western Australia.

But that is exactly what I did.


For a couple of reasons, an overseas trip or ‘big holiday’ was sadly not on the cards for us this year. Despite this, my boyfriend and I were both very much in need of a break, so when the opportunity came up for us to undertake a road trip, we jumped at the opportunity. We packed our bags, jumped in a Winnebago motorhome and spent two and a half weeks driving 3000 kilometres from Broome to Perth.

And it was amazing.


Neither of us had ever been to Western Australia before and didn’t really have any expectations, which was the absolute best way to go into it. We saw incredible sunsets every day, experienced some of the best snorkelling of our lives, spent less time on social media and more time outside, met some great people and came away feeling closer than ever.

Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to travel quite a lot, but have recently realised I have spent far more time travelling around experiencing other countries than really seeing my own. Experiencing this trip, however, has truly opened my eyes and changed the way I think about Australia, travelling, driving, caravan holidays and more, and that is something I really am so grateful for. It has inspired me to explore more parts of the country, travel in different ways and has motivated me more than ever to see and do as much as I can.

I guess you could say it has given me a whole new case of wanderlust (I’ll see myself out…).

19 Gantheaume Point

p.s if you want to read any of the blogs we posted on our trip, you can find them here.

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